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  • About us


    Sharjah Centre for Culture Communication (SCCC) is a non-profit community service organization operating under the wing of Department of Awqaf in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE.  Our aim is to serve as a catalyst for communication and cultural exchange to create cohesiveness, alleviate misunderstanding and narrow the gaps between expatriates and UAE Nationals through a professionally structured approach.

    The SCCC is, under the banner, "A window to understanding". We aim through our organized educational and social activitiess to allow our visitors to exchange ideas pursue learning and share ways to reach understanding for their companies, their families, their countries and the world.

    The SCCC will also aim to develop and conduct public and corporate lectures and workshops on issues such as UAE National religion, and the U.A.E culture, that unites them to exchange ideas, pursue learning and share ways to reach their goals for their companies, their families, their countries and the world.

    The Vision
    To be the Leading Organization world wide in connecting people from different cultures.   
    The Mission
    Seeking to connect people from Different Cultures through:
    • Creating a greater understanding and awareness of the religion of Islam.
    • Sharing our national identity and cultural traditions of the UAE with the expatriate community and visitors to Sharjah
    Core Values
    • Communication
    • Transparency
    • Teamwork
    • Tolerance
    • Understanding
    • Empowering the Emirate of Sharjah as the capital of Islamic culture.
    • Establishing the principle of dialogue and communication with different cultures.
    • Introducing the traditional culture of UAE to the Expatriate community.




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